Биткоин терминал в екатеринбурге

биткоин терминал в екатеринбурге

Обменные пункты, меняющие Наличные RUB на Bitcoin (BTC) по лучшим курсам (Rubles cash - Bit Coin cryptocurrency). Наиболее выгодные и надежные обменные. Ниже в списке перечислены обменные пункты Наличные Рубли на Биткоин, ранжированные по обменному курсу. Выберите оптимальный курс обмена, обратив также внимание. В Екатеринбурге появился первый в этом городе биткоин-обменник, который покупает криптовалюту за наличный и безналичный расчёт.

Биткоин терминал в екатеринбурге

Software allows to use equipment for scanning and identification of ID cards, fingerprint and palm reading, automatic photographing of the customer in the process of making payment. There is integration with various scoring systems to verify the compliance of client data with his documents, address and other personal information.

In case of additional conditions and requirements from the legislation on turnover of the cryptocurrency, we are ready to customize the solution. Software support integration with large number of peripheral devices for accepting and dispensing notes. Also support receipt and dispense of various currencies, which means unhindered connection of agents with installed terminals in different countries.

Multilanguage is supported. The solution combines extensive functionality at managing of wallets and exchanges, viewing and analyzing statistics on payments and on customers. Provides detailed information about the wallets, executed transaction. System display and save all information about the client and about all performed actions. The system provides the agent with the ability to connect his own third-party API for identifying the client, for example, the system for obtaining customer information by the cell phone number or various scoring systems that will be activated when the customer is identified, and for sending SMS, for example, sending One-time password to authorize the client at the terminal or send messages when payment in process, with self-customization of the message templates by the agent.

Any company can easily connect to the cloud solution for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency and start work in this direction:. The process of connecting existing or new terminals to the cloud is simple, intuitive and can be implemented as soon as needed. We are ready to provide cloud software for occupying strong positions in the market, including broad technical capabilities, convenient, multifunctional back office, and customizable terminal interface.

In addition, our specialists are always ready to customize the unique solutions that are available for specific requirements depending on the region or country. Soft-logic company invites partners and potential customers of solutions in the sphere of sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet systems to cooperation.

Specialists of our company have excellent skills in the development of highly loaded, scalable solutions in these field. Before sending Connection request, please check information about Connection process and Document samples. Crypto ATM software. We proudly present a dedicated website, combining information about our developments in the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. General description Soft-logic Cloud Software allows to organize process of the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies via crypto ATM.

Wide possibilities of hardware and software customization. Quick start and commissioning. Automatic purchase of cryptocurrency on the exchange at the moment when transaction pass from the wallet, which allows eliminating the risks associated with exchange-rate volatility.

Ability to combine multiple payments into a single transaction when send cryptocurrency, thereby save costs on Blockchain fee. Provision of terminal data by various API to third-party resources, including addresses and work schedule of the points, exchange rates, which allows customers to easily find agent terminals.

Possibility of using modern technologies for attraction customers, such as Telegram Bot, which allows customers, using their current location to find the nearest terminals for purchasing cryptocurrency, check the exchange rate and view their previous transactions. User selects the type of cryptocurrency and the process of buying or selling.

Как понятно, в случае необходимости обмен можно произвести и ночкой, но делается это лишь по подготовительному звонку минимум за час до сделки. Напомним, это уже 2-ой схожий пункт по обмену биткоина в Рф — в августе группа активистов открыла офлайновый обменный пункт криптовалют в Москве. Пользуясь веб-сайтом, вы соглашаетесь с Политикой приватности.

Культовый журнальчик о биткоине, технологии блокчейн и цифровой экономике. Площадка для общения криптосообщества. Соединяем компании и юзеров. Аналитика, лекции, истории о мире криптовалют, децентрализации и влиянии технологий на общество в мультимедийном формате. В Екатеринбурге открылся 1-ый биткоин-обменник Екатеринбург обменный пункт Наша родина. Материалы по теме. В Минэнерго исключили применение льготного тарифа для майнеров биткоина.

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